Class 4/5 Driver (Tuas, Woodlands)

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Logistics | Transportation Management and Operations | Class 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Driver
Job Type:
Full Time
Job Suitable For:

health & wellness benefits

free food & beverages

training opportunities

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Job Description
Job description
Timely delivery of cargo to/fro various locations
Correctly load cargo at various locations, adhering to the policies and procedures of each loading locations
Correctly and safety securing cargo before moving vehicle
Manage driving routes so that deliveries and collections can proceed in an efficient and safe manner
Ensure trailer is in good condition prior to mounting the containers.
Safe handling of trailer for mounting and offloading of containers
Conduct daily inspections of the vehicle at the end of the day and report any problems or damage to company immediately
Perform pre/post trip vehicle inspection in accordance with company’s safety procedures.
Maintain assigned vehicle in good working condition and cleanliness of vehicle
Comply with all road safety rules and regulations and safe work practices, procedures and policies at all times.
Participate in safety meetings and training as directed by the company.
Ensure proper documentation of all delivery and collection orders
Assist in packing work at job sites if necessary
Any other roles and responsibilities as assigned by Management.
Job Criteria/Requirements

Not Required

Must-have skills:

Valid Class 4/ 5 Singapore Driving licence

Nice to Have Skills:

Team work, pleasant personality, patient

Employer Profile

Sin Chew Woodpaq Pte Ltd

Since 1970s, Sin Chew has been protecting and moving businesses.
We believe our business is about time and care. And we put reliability over conveniences.

Reliability isn’t given. It is earned.
Building strong wooden cases. Pack with care. Move & Lift safe. And accomplish on time. Consistently.

Almost every logistics company claim they are one-stop solutions.

But the truth is, most of them only handle a part of the logistics, where crating, packing, moving, lifting, is outsourced.

When things are outsourced, they have no control, they are relying on someone else to do the job. It’s a waiting game.

Don’t you want reliability, don’t you want control?
Because, that’s what we want.
Sin Chew wants to crate, pack, lift and move for you. Every step is handled by Sin Chew.
That gives you a peace of mind.

That gives you control.

That’s why we are the true One-Stop Packaging Solution in Singapore.