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Social Service | Social Work | Social Worker (Direct Practice)
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Job Description
The Challenges
Your core duty involves direct practice and will include casework, care planning, counselling, financial assistance to patients and family members. You will work closely with multidisciplinary professionals, participate in ward rounds and organize and facilitate family conferences to pursue holistic care for patients. You will participate in practice research and development of clinical social work.

You will provide person-centred care with an understanding of the person in their own environment and working closely with formal and informal support networks to allow patients to be empowered in decisions they make or to work towards their wishes and wants.

You would also be expected to participate in community engagements to proactively deliver care to the patients and their families.

You may also be assigned crisis intervention duties which would require priority responses and intensive case management to patients going through personal crisis, including attempted suicide or are victims of abuse.

Senior positions will require you to supervise colleagues, be a team leader, take on administrative roles and lead projects within the institution and the social work fraternity.

Medical disciplines you will work with : General Medicine, Renal Medicine, Rehab Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Palliative Medicine and Psychological Medicine.


- To provide counselling for patient and family in their understanding of the diagnosis & its implication on ADL functioning, preparing them for the implications on his overall care, coping with illness and recovery and financial needs.
- To address patient’s and family’s acceptance of the diagnosis, change in roles, potential stresses and possible coping strategies with patient and family members, and to provide emotional support and motivate patient and family. Moving forward, to assist patient and family to set realistic and achievable goals.
- To identify and make referral to appropriate services based on the multidisciplinary team’s assessment and patient’s social circumstances and social goals.
- To explore and harness patient’s resources for the long term care plans. To facilitate family to make informed decisions, and ensure caregiver is competent and confident in the care before discharge home.
- To make referrals for long term step-down facilities where necessary and eligible, and to arrange for interim care.
- To participate in multidisciplinary ward rounds and case conferences to actively represent patients’ social, psychological and economic circumstances; to influence the team to act in the best interests of patients and families.
- To provide support through end of life issues that patients and families may be facing and work through their grief and bereavement journeys.

Job Requirements:

- Degree in Social Work; Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work; Master in Social Work
- Post-graduate qualification in Counselling or Family Therapy will be an added advantage
- Competent in IT skills and minimally bilingual
- All qualifying staff will need to be Registered Social Workers with Singapore Association of Social Work
- Committed and enjoy working as a team in a fast-paced, innovative and changing environment.
Job Criteria/Requirements


Must-have skills:

Registered Social Worker with Singapore Association of Social Work

Employer Profile

Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital (AH) is a member of the National University Health System (NUHS), a leading academic health system and one of three public healthcare clusters in Singapore.

AH is the first integrated general hospital in Singapore to offer holistic care from acute, sub-acute to rehabilitative settings, and reduces the need for a patient to transfer to another healthcare institution. Under its team-led and programme-based clinical model, every patient is placed in at least one of five core clinical programmes by the hospital and cared by a single doctor and the same care team within one of the programmes.

As part of an integrated academic health system, AH is a dedicated site for staging innovative health and care as well as person-centric solutions to scope, share and scale best practices. Together with community partners and patients, AH aims to bring about seamless integrated care beyond the hospital and empower patients and caregivers to enable the continuity of care in the safety and comfort of the home and community.

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Delivering ‘Incredible care and health, together!’

Members of the NUHS:
• National University Hospital
• Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
• Alexandra Hospital
• Jurong Community Hospital
• National University Polyclinics
• National University Cancer Centre, Singapore
• National University Heart Centre, Singapore
• National University Centre for Oral Health, Singapore
• NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
• NUS Faculty of Dentistry
• NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health